May is upon us…

Can you believe it? It only seemed like last week was January…okay, maybe February. But you get the point, right? I mean, one moment it’s freezing outside with a few inches of snow and now the temperatures are in the 70’s–some days it hits the 80’s! The sun is shinning and you know when it’s about to rain by the amount of humidity hanging in the air.

This month is packed full of good stuff. We start the month with my middle son’s art displays at the middle school he attends. Then we get to tour the second elementary level my youngest will be starting next year. A few short days after that, we will be celebrating my youngest sons birthday–he will be 8 and has been informing us every day for the past week just exactly when his day occurs. The boys baseball games begin to pick up pace as the youngest son’s team starts their games while the oldest son’s team starts to grind into the tournaments. After which we celebrate my oldest daughter’s high school graduation. She is the only child whom I currently homeschool. There is a sweet sorrow as I officially end our homeschooling adventure and watch my oldest walk down the isle to take her diploma with pride and prepares for her college adventures.  The month ends on a happy note as the boys end their school year just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  This is one month I am looking forward to take one day at a time, taking hold of the joy, wisdom, fun, and family times that are presented as each hour passes onto the next.

Behold May–for I am ready! 🙂


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