In the works…

It’s that time of year again. Oh sure, there might be a few inches of snow on the ground but that doesn’t stop baseball sign-ups. Though the league doesn’t start until May, the baseball league will be working on their team line-ups.

Both the boys are wanting to play baseball again this year. I’m hoping for a great season for the two of them. I have already put in the works for preparing for those games which start directly after work. Nothing says you’re ready for sitting on hard bleachers in the hot sun like dress pants, blouses, and heels! How am I preparing? I will be carrying an extra set of clothing and sneakers so I can be somewhat comfortable while cheering for my little men.

The boys are excited. They can’t wait for the weather to warm up a little more so they can practice outside for longer than 15 minutes. The youngest one lasts only about 8 minutes before running inside with rosy cheeks and freezing fingers. Even my daughter is anticipating the boys games this year. She is prepared to bring them to the field for practice as well as helping out with pitching a few balls for them to hit.

Granted, this all might change as the weather warms up and we find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of spring time. For now, we practice when and where we can, staying warm and doing what we can to help the boys be ready for when the time does come for them to step out on the field in their uniform.

Baseball! It’s an ever-consuming life-style that is coming towards us like a wave readying itself to sweep us away in its strong currents of baseball fever.


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