Labor Day Weekend!

After working long hours and running around like a dog chasing it’s tail, we have arrived at a wonderful three-day weekend. What to do? Where to go? Who to see? My answer for all: Nothing. Nowhere. No one. Just take the time to sit back, read, write, play silly games, sing silly songs, and watch movies. It’s been a fantastic weekend thus far and I intend to continue to enjoy it. We’ve stayed at home but have had fun together as a family. What else matters after that? That’s what I thought–nothing. Tomorrow evening we will be getting ready for the week, but we will all know we had a great mini-vacation from the “real world” of work and school. I even begun to plan the Christmas Tree placements around the house. I rearranged the rooms and some furniture is no longer in the rooms so that left me with the debate of where to put what and how to display it. I even made the pieces to scale on paper to help plan my final Christmas Wonderland.

~~ Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! ~~FlowerFun


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