Summer’s End…

Who ever said that all good things must come to an end really needs to think more positively. Though the summer has now offically ended with the start up of school, I sit here and think back upon the last three months and wonder what could I have done differently. My answer? Nothing. Well, I mean apart from not working at all. But hey, without work I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things I enjoy–like eating, sleeping in air conditioning, having a home. You know, stuff like that. But I can say the summer was a good one. The kids were able to bond some in their hours together at home. They did the typical kid stuff like play on their game systems, tease eachother, sleep late. But they also walked a few miles along the local river, played games with their dad and myself, they got to sit outside in the dark and look up at the night sky. On evenings when I would water the flowers I might have aimed the water above their heads in such a way that it would “rain” on them, soaking thier clothes and shoes. If their own mother can’t drench them, who else can? Do I have to add “and get away with it” to that sentence? Maybe I should because you never know.  The kids were able to get a visit with their Grandparents for a few days too.

And now school has begun. The gang had to readjust their schedules, much to their dislike. They are waking up early and having a real breakfast since I am still home when they awake. Their homework is done by the time I get home and we still have time to hang around on each other and play games.

So though the days are getting shorter and there are buses to catch and homework to finish, we are still enjoying the warm weather before it turns cold. Bring on the books and buses–we can take it!

Good bye Summer 2009, thanks for being a good one! Summer09collage


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