Ahhh…the sights, the sounds, the crack of the ball against the bat, the thrill of watching your team steal bases and then slide across home plate!

That is the trill of the moment the two boys joined in this summer. For approximately 18 games, both boys suited up and gave their best out on the diamond. This was their first year playing and though they may not have won the first place positions for their leagues, the experiences they had is one to remain for a long time in their hearts.

Baseball had taken over our lives for three months. With the boys each playing two games a week, plus practice, we practically lived at the ball field. Many nights we would go from work to the baseball fields and not return home until almost ten. Though the hours were long, the skills and fun they had was worth every second of it.

And on those nights when both boys played, their fields were located a baseball toss away, which meant a very short walk from one set of bleachers to the next. Nice and easy–short and sweet!

Boys Baseball

Though the season has come to an end, the boys are continuing with their own training to become better, faster, stronger baseball players for next season!


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