Joint graduations….

With the end of the school year comes many graduations. Graduations bring to mind my own daughter’s ceremony. Now I know she has another year left, but it does make me pause to reflect on how her ceremony should flow. As a homeschooler, I have choices that are outside the regular school districts options. We have the opportunity to go to Indianpolis and participate in the states home schooling graduation ceremony or we can do our own thing. I believe in allowing my daughter to share in this day, so we have been discussing different plans. My sister–a parent of a home school graduate next year–asked if I would consider having both girls graduate together. Hmmm there’s an idea I didn’t think about, even though calendar-wise I was thinking of both girls’ graduations in respect to grandparents flying around the country. After speaking to the teen, she thought it would be a great idea for her to graduate with her cousin. So now the planning begins…

The ceremony will take place in Texas, next May. But what about decorations and food and all that lovely stuff? Well, we have been working on those details for the past week. Since there are many places with half-off graduation decorations, my sister and I have been picking through the loot.

Now you are probably wondering about the other side of the family. I mean, sure it’s great that my parents won’t have to decide which graduation to travel to since they would be held on the same day, but what about my mother and father-in-law? Shouldn’t I give thought about them as well? Of course! They enjoy traveling and they both get along with my family.  Not to mention that a flight to Texas is cheaper than that to Indiana. Any one who has ever had to fly to Indiana from the East Coast can see my point is valid.

So now my sister and I are putting our minds together and planning how to pull this off so both girls will remember their day as something special.


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