I am ever so thankful that my dad was able to fly out from the East Coast to spend almost a month with us during my recovery from a major surgery. Though my kids know who their grandfather is, it is always nice to spend some quality, memory-building time with those who live far away. My dad had never spent a lot of “play” time with my youngest due to the thousand miles which separate us. My son was two years old when we moved away from home and has very little memories of his grandparents–on both sides. This was a time where all three kids were able to hang out and play with their grandfather. My oldest child really enjoyed being with her grandfather again, too. She was very close to him while we lived in Jersey, in part to him taking care of her when she was a tiny person. I am thankful to say that though we have lived out here for several years, the bond which started between my children and their grandfather while we were near him is still in place–strong as ever. My kids love their grandparents and I am VERY thankful my kids know their grandparents on all sides–something which I myself has never had.

I am glad he was able to fly out and stay to make sure the kids got to school alright and I didn’t do anything silly or foolish–like climbing or running. Thanks!


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