Grillin’ Like Crazy

Since school let out, the weather is warming up! After working all day, we find ourselves outside, enjoying fresh air and cooking something good on the grill. I don’t think there can be anything BAD that came off the grill.

We have been enjoying the sun and weather in the evenings.  Just as we are starting to yawn, the sun begins to sink behind the trees. We gather our items and look forward to another night of grilling, debating which to take out of the freezer next–pork chops or ribs?

We are surrounded by the sounds of children playing and birds chirping. The landscape is full of blossoming flowers and growing vegetables. The smells come from our grill–the smell of barbecue sauce or marinara or other mixtures of herbs and spices.

MMMMmmmm! I love the smell of summer-time grilling!


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