There was some shakin’ going on!

Yesterday held some major excitement for us in the mid-west. We had an earthquake! Yes, I said earthquake and mid-west. Apparently the mid-west is sitting on two faults. Who knew? I sure didn’t. But at 5:40 am (CST) I sure felt the earth move from one! The thing registered a 5.4 on the Richter Scale. What an experience to be had!

I had just woke up about five minutes prior, my feet about to touch the floor, when the entire house started shaking. My husband had already been up and asked me what that was. Umm, do I look like Mother Nature?! My first thought was tornado–1) we are in the mid-west; 2) we just had some last week. I remembered being in Texas when a funnel formed over the house and this flashed through my head due to all the windows shaking, ground grumbling, and everything else making noises. I jumped off the bed and checked on the kids. By the time I went to the window to look out, the ground stopped shaking. This clued me into the fact that there was no tornado forming above the house. Having never experienced an earthquake, my husband and I just sort of looked at each other, checked the kids again and started our normal daily routine of taking him to work. (We knew once we were in the car, the radio would be on to help inform us East Coastal people what just occurred!) The news man verified that it was indeed an earthquake. People from all over the mid-west felt it. It started in Southern Illinois and was felt in parts of Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Wow!

About eleven or so, an after shock rolled through. Those of us who work on second floors felt it with no trouble at all. Though the computer monitors shook, nothing was harmed and everyone was safe. But boy! what an experience to be had!

If my vote counts for anything, I vote for no more!


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