A Pleasant Walk

sun glow 1

Originally uploaded by ~MaryJo~

Cels and I went for a little walk last night along the river to see the condition of it after all the flooding we had a few weeks ago. We went with cameras in hand and had an enjoyable little walk, snapping pictures pretty much the entire way.

Last year, the wooded area was much fuller. And dryer. Both sides of the path were muddy with water collected in various spots. By spots, I mean large areas. “They” must have come through this end of the woods to cut down the rotten, dead trees. But sheesh! There seemed to be no woods left.

While we were walking and chatting, I glanced over and saw the sun setting through the trees. I had to take this picture. (And lots more!)

We had a pleasant time snapping pictures and joking with each other. I plan to walk along the river more and more as the days get warmer–and weather permitting–I will have my camera along my side. The question is: will Cels come along too? 😛

(Lets see how long before she comes storming along and says “MOM!” hehehehe)


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