The Passing of a Kitty

Had I known today would have been Cream’s last day with us, would I have done anything differently? Probably not, except bringing him to the vet. He was only suppose to get declawed. What really happened was the vet noticed he had high levels of toxin in his kidneys and did surgery on him to unblock his urinary tract. The vet called back to say he was coming out of the gas and doing okay, though his levels were still toxic. A few hours later, I get the dreaded call. Cream woke up from his sleep, looked around him and perked up his ears, then he put his head back down and closed his eyes for the last time.
This cat was a sweet cat. He didn’t bite or scratch people. He would play with his “baby” and chase toys around the house. He would even come when we called his name. I’m going to miss Cream.


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