She is doing WHAT?!

The Teenager

Originally uploaded by ~MaryJo~

How does such a tiny person grow up to be a full-blown teenager? I think I blinked my eyes a little too long! Either that or someone tore out that portion from my Parent Manual.

Having spent the last two weeks cleaning out my home school closet, I have found several pictures of my tiny daughter. The pictures were like a time line of her life–from 2 yrs old, 6, 10, and now 16.

The Bible says children are a blessing from the Lord, after being with this not-so-tiny person for over 16 years, there is no convincing me of how true those words really are.

As I read back over that last paragraph, I can picture my “angel” rolling her eyes at me. Yeah, that would be after she informs me of how much she does not like the picture. I ask, Do I really care? 🙂


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