It’s getting closer…

To when that guy in the red suit will come swishing by the housetops, to deliever gifts to the little people of the world. 

My own tiny people–and big one–have been preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ.  We are planning to have a birthday cake, banner, and balloons (??).  I have the banner, its the balloons I am not sure about, as I have to work and not sure if I will have time to zoom across the street for the proper ballooning.  I would like to think I can get them on Friday, at least then I will have them for Christmas Day.  What we haven’t decided on is if we will get an ice cream cake or bake a regular one.  I wouldn’t mind having an ice cream cake, but again, its the zooming to that part of town during the brief times I am off work.  But if I plan my day right, I should be able to get it on Friday as well.  🙂 

Seems everything will be happening on Friday.  I plan to bring the kids shopping so they can shop for each other on Friday, too.  I am hoping my husband will be arriving home sometime during Saturday or Sunday.  We won’t know when he will be coming home until a day or two before then.  And being that its still two weeks away, well, there is no way to really know WHEN he will come. 

So here I am, planning for the weekend of a celebration of Jesus’ birthday.  The kids are excited, too.  We have been talking about the events surrounding Jesus’ birth and been re-enacting them, but in our own words.  Some of the scenes are funny when they try to demonstrate the importance of when the Angel of the Lord told Joseph to flee with Mary and Jesus to Egypt.  (This occurred after he was born, obviously, but we go into different stages of Jesus’ life.) 

Okay, I have to return to my world and get the kids moving.  It’ll be a day of doing school work and cleaning the house.  Oh boy! 

~~singing Christmas carols as I log off~~


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