When will the holiday rush end?

I would have to say: NEVER!  Well, okay, in about 27 days. 

These last few days have been hectic.  Thanksgiving Day itself was great!  But the night before?  And after?  Holy Christmas trees!  I had to work late on Wednesday, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but as I had to prepare the department for Friday morning’s rush….well, work that night was busy!  I think Sharon and I put out about twenty signs each PLUS I had to put the stack-outs around the store.  (Stack-outs are just that…stacks of hot ticket items.) 

I had a great time with my brother, husband, and kiddies on Thanksgiving.  🙂 

Friday morning, I arrived at work at 4:30 in the morning in preparation for the crowd of people that were already in line before the opening hour of FIVE.  I must say that I enjoyed my job on Friday.  Yes, it was constantly moving, stressing, moving, dealing with customers on the floor, and did I mention moving?  But I thought it was rather enjoyable.  Maybe because I like that high stress level?  Not sure, but I am not about to figure it out!  lol

The weekend was spent trying to re-stock the shelves and get “life” back to normal.  Well, what little of it that could be savaged.  😉 

Right now I am still going over in my mind what needs to be filled and restocked, the bad part is I am off tomorrow, so nothing won’t get done without my boss telling the workers what to do.  However, I have decided not to stress and worry about the “what ifs” I have to focus on my kids tomorrow as they ARE more important. 

So in these next few weeks before Christmas, I am going to go with the flow and keep everyone hoping.  My kids need to get back to 100% healthy so I can stop worrying about them every time one of them coughs. 

I am SO ready for the shopping to be DONE! 🙂


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