And the day goes on…

Went to work just as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.  Thought to myself “hmm, so that’s what that yellow thing is!”  Granted, I was up in time to wake up the rooster, which sounds the alarm for all other normal people.  I’m not normal, we knew this, and accept it.  However, having to at work at the ungodly hour of 6, does not make me a happy person. 

I am usually a happy-go-lucky kinda person.  You know, the annoyingly overly happy person who says hello to everyone and seems to be in a fabulous mood?  Okay, the one you want to smack because they seem to have an abundant source of energy while all you want to do is crawl back into bed?  Yeah, well, that’s me.  The annoying one.  🙂  I have no choice as I try to make the best of having to be at work when all I really want to do is be at home with my kids.  See?  Maybe that overly happy person is trying to make up for something.  Ever think of that?  Ummm, I didn’t think you’d buy that, but I tried! 

Anyways, I started my day at 6 am this morning…freezing since it IS November and I live in the mid-west.  Why wouldn’t the temperature be any different?  😛  The morning went smoothly until the store opened and those annoying people came into the building.  They can tear up a perfect display in 0.2 seconds, if given the right pieces and motivation.  In this case, it was mirco-fleece throw blankets that are in the isle, inside of a huge basket-looking bin.  The motivation?  They just saw us put them in neatly and according to colors, of course!  Oh!  And did they grab the top one?  Noooo….they had to dig to the bottom and then preceed to take the blanket out of its wrapping, just to feel the material.  Okay, here’s the background for THAT:  There are three rows across and six rows deep of EACH color.  The colors are grouped together.  There is NO need for the digging, other then to get me annoyed.  Why do they take it out of the wrapper?  You are probably thinking it is in a big plastic bag with a zipper, right?  Well, you’re wrong.  There is a thick ribbon wrapped around it, keeping the blanket in a tight roll, with an index card size paper attached with the information needed.  (The materials uses and the washing instructions.)  So I will ask again:  WHY do they feel the need to dig and tear this paper off of the blanket?  Help me to understand this breed of animal.  I am at a loss of what could possibly possess someone to act in this manner. 

Okay, so I get to lunch at eleven in the morning.  I go on home–as usual–I find my son has done his math all wrong.  I get a little annoyed, but not much.  He was making patterns using degrees on a circle.  I know, sounds silly, but the kid loves art so I had him draw a cirlce, mark off every 5 degrees, and then connect every ten degrees, but for each degree marking.  Silly guy, he thought I meant draw a line that is ten markings in length and then from that point do another–making a total of I believe 4.  This was wrong and I had him re-read the instructions and saw the light bulb flicker.  Oh!  Again, not a biggie, it was more a lesson in degrees of a circle.  Off to work I go…

Associate comes in and asks me when lunch is, so I inform him of his options.  Okay, I go do my little project of making another stack of stuff for those people to destroy.  He comes back to me AGAIN and asks the same question.  I give him a specific time, thinking he must need presice instructions.  No problem.  I also give him some other things to do within the department.  Lalalala…guess who comes into my sights again?  AND asking the same question..AGAIN?  Yup, you guessed it, the dog.  😛 Seeing if you were paying attention.  I could not believe he was asking me again.  I give him the time again, he goes off, and…now get this..he asks another associate what time he should go to lunch.  I am rubbing my forehead, thinking to myself what did I get myself into?  I hear the other associate give my same time.  I am thinking…does he want a different time?  Is this the issue?  So I ask him directly.  Guess what?  Nope!  He just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of his lunch.  At this point I really do scream!  Well, I go into the stock room, to the receiving dock and make a some-what loud noise that MIGHT resemble frustration to anyone within hearing distance.  In which case was Jennifer, who laughed and said I was funny.  :0

I now get to go home for the day…when I get home, which was a half hour later then I was suppose to originally, I realize I forgot to put Mr. Tom the Turkey out on the counter for some thaw-time.  Ugh!  At this realization, I simply sit down at the kitchen table and put my head down.  I QUIT! 

I set the bird out for a few hours, going about my regular business–school work and calling my husband to get the latest information.  He informs me he won’t be home until late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.  I am now thinking…WHAT?!  I have my brother coming in on Wednesday afternoon/evening.  I work until 9:15 that night.  I hope (and pray hard) that Mike can follow my directions on how to get here from the interstate.  Normally not a problem, but there is construction on the interstate and the ramp is closed.  Ahhh!  Give me a break!  I will have my cell phone on me at work so I am not worried too much about him.  But I was hoping that my husband would be able to meet him to get him here.  Mike says he understands the directions, and they really are fool proof, as one road ends at the next, or it is majorly marked.  🙂 

So now I am getting ready for yet another early morning at work.  Yes, six o’clock again, but I get out at 2 this time around, which works for me!  🙂 

~enjoy your night…I plan to~


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