The Countdown Has Begun…

In a few weeks we will be going on a mini vacation.  How mini?  Three days.  Yes, that mini!  We are all looking forward to some veggin’ time and exploring and spending time with some relatives we haven’t seen in a while.  The kids are thrilled about it.  They were finally let in on the secret yesterday, as the oldest golden child listened to a conversation I was having with my sister.  See, the kids had no idea what was going on.  I told them this weekend that they needed to keep their rooms cleaned and be prepared to pack a bag with a few hours notice.  This makes them nervous.  They know I have a bad, BAD habit of packing up fast and hitting the road, destination unknown til the kids figure out which direction I am driving.  Sometimes they don’t realize for a while, due to windy roads and their obliviousness to the outside world once they are in their own “car world.”  🙂 

This time, however, they were paying attention to clues.  They knew I had a box going of stuff to bring, not that we are going far, but still.  They wanted to be prepared.  All of them begged me not to go to Jersey.  Which I thought was VERY funny!  Expecially since we did a long trip this past summer there and neither of them were impressed.  heehee  I’m Mom and I can do what I want.  **wink wink **  However, they were able to cross NJ off the list this weekend.  Though we aren’t going far, they are still not thrilled with the idea of being in a car.  I told them to get over it.  I think its because all of them will be next to each other in the back, since my hubby will be with us.  yeah! 

Anyways, I’m excited about spending an evening with my brother.  The kids can have a nice visit with their cousins, and everyone will be happy.  Really!  😉


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