Monday, Monday

It was another Monday for us.  I woke up at the very hour I was to be at work.  Yikes!  But I made it there–shower and all–within about a half hour.  The only thing I forgot was my watch, but thankfully I picked it up on my lunch hour.  🙂 

Sean was upset that I didn’t get him dressed before I left.  His sister doesn’t particularly dress him unless he is in high need.  When I arrived home for my lunch, Sean was my most pressing need…getting him into some pants.  He has this thing for pockets.  The more there are, the happier he is.  What a hoot!  Back to work I went, and what a joy it was. 

Actually, it went pretty well, my boss is hilarious.  I get to see the “professional” and unprofessional side of him every day.  He makes work enjoyable, that’s for sure.  🙂 

Then one of my co-workers informed me of her bad news.  Sheesh!  I feel bad for her, though she said she has been expecting it for a while.  Still, its not something we want to hear from our spouses.  (Psst: her husband asked for a divorce.)  His reasons for it could very easily be my current life.  I told my husband so I can have a clear mind–I worry and think of EVERYTHING–he assured me he will have to disappoint me in this area.  (And I don’t mind!)  lol

Anyways, by the time I got home, I was too tired to cook dinner.  So I did it the easy way.  Hello, pizza?  LOL  I didn’t order, though, I had some frozen pizzas.  That and ice tea…waalaa  dinner was served!  🙂  I bought some oreos for dessert.  yum! 

Now I am winding down and ready to pass out! 


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