The sun is out and the sky is clear

We have been hanging out for the past few days.  Yes, I even took off work for two days so I can enjoy true family time. 🙂  Yesterday was a hang-out and work on the computer for me.  I have fallen behind on my class work, so I wanted to get ahead again.  He pitched in on teaching them their math studies.  Very nice, for me!  I helped Matt while he helped Celia. 

Today was more of a have fun day.  Yeah, I still did some of my school work, but over-all, we played together.  The weather was perfect for a little “game” of football.  Sean and I went outside and after a while the others came out to join us.  (Okay, I didn’t give the other two a choice.  It was beautiful and they HAD to come out!)  Mom’s rules, can’t say I’m sorry. 😉  Anyhow, the five of us were outside for a good two hours, throwing the football around.  Shea taught Matt how to throw and catch.  Even Miss Teen enjoyed throwing the ball, even if she does throw like a girl!  LOL  Actually, she did pretty good when she wasn’t being goofy.  I took some pictures of everyone playing.  (Yes, I played also!)  Sean gave up after about a forty-five minutes, he then wanted his wagon to play with.  What can I say, he is only four?  Although his favorite way to throw the football was to run down the hill, come to a stop, and let it fly!  We all took turns picking up the ball off the ground when Sean threw.  We all fun, and that’s what counts!  🙂

When we went back inside, Shea and Matt played Lord of the Rings on PS2.  They have been playing this game since we bought it back in January.  I’m wondering if there really is an ending; every time they THINK they are done, they get another quest.  LOL  Better them then me! 

It’s been a great day and to know I have to go to work tomorrow, well, it just stinks!  LOL 

~enjoy your day, especially when they are sunny and beautuiful~


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